by | Mar 4, 2021

Too many communication tools may be plaguing your workforce with Notification Fatigue. Slack, Teams, Sharepoint, text, email, newsletters, Zoom calls, phone calls (does anyone still do these?), town halls– the list of communication tools and solutions in 2021 is bigger and utilized more than ever before with WFH in the mix.

Maybe you ended up with such a large stack of solutions because leaders in each department made a good use case for their teams? Or maybe your company scrambled to find solutions during 2020 when quarantine hit, and now you have too many. While a lot of these communication tools work, they might not all work well together.

What is Notification Fatigue and why is it bad?

Notification fatigue is defined as an excessive number of alerts pushed to the user of a mobile device, tablet or computer. The result? Desensitized employees that quickly become stressed and distracted at work. People receiving these notifications might become less productive by ignoring some or all of the notifications, or in turn, become less productive by spending too much of their time reading all of them. Now the question is, how do you communicate with employees and not overwhelm them with alerts?

Level Set

Where to begin? Well, Tribe recommends that internal stakeholders meet together and level set. Start by presenting the use case for each communication tool, medium or channel, and identify areas that can be simplified. Once cuts are made and decisions are final, it’s time to set expectations

Setting guidelines and outlining examples for how each communication tool should be used and sharing the plan with employees is a great place to start. Incentivizing managers and leaders to lead by example will create a halo effect and cause the rest of the organization to hopefully follow suit. 


Now, this might go well for a couple of months. However, there will come a time when communication procedure and protocol isn’t at the top of everyone’s list. This is natural. The idea is to make the new guidelines a habit, but we are human, and as we know, people need refreshers and reminders. It’s important to reset expectations and remind everyone of the communication tool guidelines every few months or quarterly. 

Don’t go notification numb. Interested in defining, simplifying and implementing a cohesive communication structure for your organization? Tribe can help. 

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