by | Jul 8, 2021

Email overload has been an issue in companies for years, but with Gen-Z employees entering the work force, the appeal to email as the main source of communication is on a fast decline. With a new generation comes new ideas and new technologies that have allowed companies to expand their communication channels and more effectively communicate with employees. Here are three communication channel alternatives to email:

1. Collaborative platforms

If your intranet isn’t easy to use and a popular destination for employees, you might want to address that sooner than later. Ideally, an intranet would give employees the tools they need to do their jobs, as well as a way to stay in the loop on company communications and collaborate with colleagues.

You might also consider collaborative management platforms like Slack, Basecamp and, which can be great channels for communications to keep teams on the same page. They help projects to stay organized and make it easy to track conversations. These platforms can dramatically reduce the email overload that comes from long strings of communications about one project or issue.

2. Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to cover several topics and messages into one visually appealing package. For one client, we create a weekly newsletter that replaces company-wide emails — significantly reducing the email overload. Employees receive the mobile-responsive cover page of the newsletter by email. They can then quickly scan the headlines and one-sentence summaries of each article on their phone or computer. If they’re interested in knowing more, they click on the visual to be taken to the full article on the intranet.

3. Mobile

Many people view email and other communications on their phones than on desktop or laptop computers, so make sure you’re designing communications with that format in mind. But you also might explore employee apps that can keep the company and its individual teams connected. Our national research with employees of large companies indicates that people are more likely to be willing to download an app than share their personal mobile numbers. An app can reduce email overload, but only if employees have a mobile device to access it. That’s why Walmart recently announced plans to give Samsung phones to over 740,000 employees.

Want to reduce email overload across your company? Tribe can help.

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