by | Sep 23, 2021

Gen Z and some Millennial employees are newer to open enrollment, so the process can be more confusing to them. While employees who’re established in their careers have seen a variety of benefits options over the years and are familiar with the language, many younger employees aren’t yet confident making decisions regarding their health or financial security.

Here are four communication tactics to help newbies understand the enrollment period and benefits:

1. Make it personal.

Starting a new job is scary enough but being faced with complex insurance terms and legal language can be overwhelming. Managers and team leaders can help by having one-on-one or small group meetings with newer employees to explain benefits options and required actions. This also creates an opportunity for employees to ask questions that they might be nervous about bringing up.

2. Make it fun.

Nowadays, you can gamify anything and open enrollment is no exception. The process of signing up for benefits in the open enrollment period can be made into a game with modules disguised as levels and rewards for every level completed. Home Depot introduced a mobile gamification app called “the PocketGuide,” which uses gamification techniques to train employees while they are on the job. Giving an entertaining alternative to an otherwise complex process is a great way to make open enrollment exciting for Gen Z employees, and who doesn’t love winning a prize at the end?

3. Make it pretty.

Employees will have an easier time understanding benefits information when it’s not presented as a multi-page wall-of-text document. Making the effort to put exciting graphics in email blasts, design a visually appealing roadmap on the intranet, or add more color to create organization can make information more inviting and interesting. Benefits guides with better design can keep communications on brand, and also easier to get through.

4. Make it social.

Gen Z and Millennial employees are accustomed to getting their information online and staying in the loop via social media. Take advantage of that by adopting an integrated approach. If you have internal social platforms, use them as channels for open enrollment communications (For more on social media for internal communications, you might like this blog post). 

These tactics are great for younger employees but can also apply to any professional who is new to the concepts of enrollment and benefits.

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