by | Oct 14, 2021

Brag-worthy benefits are the ones that employees will tell their friends and family about. They’re the ones that might get your company included in an article about benefits trends or unusual employee perks. They’re the ones that give recruiters something to say to candidates to capture their attention. And they can serve as shorthand for what your culture is all about.

Admittedly, you’re probably not going to win over job candidates simply by offering intriguing benefits. But when the competition is stiff for talent, any factor that could help differentiate your company is worth pursuing.

We’re not talking about the basics. Although employees certainly appreciate (and often expect) healthcare, dental, vision, life and even legal help or pet insurance, those aren’t the conversations starters that will raise awareness of your company. Here are a few thoughts on benefits that might:

LGBTQ-Friendly Benefits:

Take a closer look at your company benefits from the perspective of your LGBTQ+ families. What sort of help do you provide for gay couples who want to start a family? How do you support transgender employees in their medical care? For instance, Tribe works with a large manufacturing client that covers gender-affirming surgery under their healthcare policy. They also provide adoption assistance, and parental leave for any employee with a new child, not just birth mothers. Knowing that your company supports the needs of diverse families can be a big plus, and not just in the minds of those employees who would benefit from those policies. It’s a way to actually demonstrate inclusion, and that’s important to many job candidates.

Sandwich Support:

Benefits that provide support for parents with young children can be brag-worthy, particularly in the wake of the pandemic with so many employees working from home while supervising children in online classes. Perks like online homework tutoring and subsidized childcare might earn you some bragging rights. But take that concept further to include employees of the sandwich generation, caring simultaneously for their children and their aging parents. What do employees need to help them with those demands? Could you offer elder care assistance to help employees navigate the changing needs of their parents? Can you provide some support that makes it easier for them to find residential solutions when their parents can no longer live independently? What about help planning for their parents’ long-term financial needs?

Work-Life Balance:

We know that offering flexibility in where and when employees work is an important box to check now. In fact, some employers believe that offering remote options is imperative to their ability to attract the talent they need. There are numerous companies offering unlimited vacation or four-day work weeks, but even those perks are common enough to be less brag-worthy now than previously. What about offering the gift of time in the form of housecleaning services for employees? Or a free errand-running service? Or free subscriptions to grocery delivery services?

For more on ways to gain an edge with job candidates, you might enjoy this article in Forbes on 5 Ways to Compete in the Talent Wars. For counterintuitive factors in becoming an employer of choice, try this Best Practices one-pager.

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