by | Oct 21, 2021

Employee mailers are useful additions to all sorts of digital communications. Especially since employees are bombarded with emails every day, print can get their attention when an email might be missed.

We’re currently printing an employee mailer for a client’s open enrollment that’s constructed as a square folding cross like this one. Why not just send a standard postcard? Because we want this communication to capture the interest of employees and their partners. The goal is to have it stand out from the rest of the mail dumped in a stack on their kitchen counters.

But to do that, we need to be creative about format and presentation. Here are three ideas we like for employee mailers that will get noticed — and maybe even avoid being tossed in the trash.

1. Magnets

They tend to stick around (ha ha). Really, people can’t resist finding places to stick them, and that increases the likelihood that they’ll be around for a while.  This makes magnets great for reference information like important dates or reoccurring events. They can also include a friendly reminder about your company’s values or an encouragement message. Something that would be worth looking at multiple times.

2. Squared folding cross

When dealing with a lot of information, folded postcards like the one linked above can be a great option. They’re fun to open and unfold, and allow you to tell the story in several bite-sized pieces, producing a sense of intrigue as you discover what’s in each panel. Compared to a normal postcard where you can only put information in the front and the back, a squared folding cross lets you add content in 10 different panels. This makes it both interactive and convenient.

3. Lenticular prints

You might not be familiar with the name, but you’ve surely seen these before. Lenticular cards are the best way to add movement to a print mailer. They’re the closest thing to a printable GIF. Images in a lenticular print morph when you move it or when you see it from a different angle. These prints are great for before-and-after images, visuals of a sequence of movements, or an image pop-up.

Employee mailers can be a particularly useful channel for frontline workers and non-desk employees who aren’t sitting in front of a computer all day long. For five common mistakes in communications for this this hard-to-reach audience, see this Best Practices one-pager.

You can find more examples of print communications through printers’ websites like this one. If you’re interested in finding creative ways to communicate with your employees, Tribe can help.

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