by | Dec 2, 2021

The pandemic has increased employers’ focus on expanding employee wellness that goes beyond biometrics and physical fitness. This focus has been very important over the last year and a half, and we expect this focus to be ongoing in 2022 as employees continue adapting to changes in their professional and personal lives.

Many wellness programs are probably already offered for employees through benefits vendors, but there’s never been a more appropriate time to highlight every resource your company can provide. With employees frequently experiencing stressors and shifting their priorities, it’s important to include a more holistic view of what well-being means for them. Here are three ways to expand employee wellness support:

1. Financial Wellness

In times of uncertainty, there’s a natural desire to crave more financial stability. Whether employees are close to retirement or just beginning their careers, it’s a good time to promote any financial workshops or one-on-ones offered by your retirement fund provider. These can be resources on savings programs or assistance programs to help with budgeting and debt reduction. Click here to learn more on the benefits of financial literacy programs.

2. Relationship Counseling

Full time employment can put strain on any relationship, but the extended months of living and working together 24/7 have been challenging for some couples. For those with children, there’s an even bigger responsibility to prioritize harmony in the home and renegotiate some roles. Relationship counseling is a beneficial resource for professional and personal wellness, so remind employees that it’s available to them.

3. Social Connections

Employees who live alone and are working from home may be suffering from loneliness and isolation. Support their need for connection with employee groups and online communities. Managers are a great vessel to create connection within teams, so coach them to build in time for social conversation in meetings and look for ways to help single employees engage. For more information ways to engage isolated employees, take a look at this blog post.

We’ve benchmarked with numerous large companies during the pandemic to learn how employers are reacting to changing employee needs. Expanding employee wellness through programs and awareness can increase engagement and benefit company morale to make a positive lasting impact.

Interested in more ways to expand employee wellness programs? Tribe can help. 

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