by | Dec 1, 2022

This holiday season, make the most of your time in a packed schedule by simplifying internal comms. The end of the year is always busy, from planning for the new year to creating holiday videos, and everything in between. When your time and mental resources are tied up elsewhere, it’s a good time to focus on the internal communications strategies that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Here are three simple ways you can simplify internal comms and keep quality high during the busiest time of year.

1. Invest in employee photography.

Using high quality photos of your employees in action, versus stock photography or illustrations, is a fast way to bring authenticity while simplifying your internal comms. While there’s real value in bringing in a skilled photographer, you can still elevate your comms with candid photos shot on iPhones.

Try gathering a few photos of real employees in action and adding those to your communications over the next few weeks. Continually adding to your base of photography raises the floor on how good your comms will be. Photography helps employees feel seen and valued because people like them are being featured.

2. Empower motivated content owners.

In every organization, there are people who are excited about their company’s happenings but don’t have the resources or opportunity to spread content about it. This holiday season, make your life easier by giving those people the platform to start communicating.

Whether it’s gathering submissions for your news digest or publishing content to the intranet, find the people who are excited about getting these messages out and give them the power to do so. Giving the people on the front lines the ability to share messaging is a great way to simplify internal comms. Check out these writing tips and this content guide to keep them from going off the rails when you delegate some communications responsibilities.

3. Harness the power of existing channels.

Sometimes, it’s worth building up and launching a new channel to help engage employees with the information and resources they need to do their jobs. But building a new channel, or reviving one that’s gone cold, takes a lot of effort — which you may not have this time of year. It may be simpler and more effective right now to go where people are already working.

Post or link to relevant content via Teams if your employees are already using it every day, and share your most important announcements in the town hall if you have great viewership. Pay special attention to the channels that frontline workers are already using, and make sure to include them in your plan. You can save the more ambitious channel building for Q1.

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