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5 tips to engage remote employees
When the majority of your employees are working remotely, building culture through digital communications becomes even more important. You may already have newsletters that update employees in specific regions or functions, but do you have a global publication that provides a venue for cultural engagement?

At Tribe, we’ve developed a structure and a process to more easily create a monthly digital newsletter that can be a powerful culture builder for employees throughout your organization. Here are a few of our tried-and-true approaches:

Establish your format buckets

Start by outlining a standard roster of article types to include in each issue and vary the format so that some are more in-depth, others shorter and more visual. For instance, you might always have a leadership Q&A, an employee spotlight that includes their personal photos, recognition for exemplifying the company values, a diversity story, and promotions and service anniversaries.

Theme each issue

Plan your editorial calendar so that over the course of the year you touch on themes that are important for your culture. For instance, you might theme an issue with each of your values, with the business strategies that support leadership’s vision for success, and cultural goals like innovation or diversity. Then take each of your content buckets and plan an article based on that theme.

Feature employees as well as execs

Employees want to hear from their top leadership, both to understand the strategies driving the business and to get to know the people behind the titles. But they also like to read about the people they consider to be doing the real work of the company, in roles like their own. We find it especially important to feature the employees who sometimes feel invisible, like those on the front line.

Take a global view

A cultural publication is an opportunity to throw a wide net around the whole company, not just those working in the corporate headquarters. If you have employees around the world, show employees and leaders in other countries, not just the US. If you have several brands, or business units, make an effort to represent them all over the course of your annual editorial calendar.

Show the human side

Building culture is about creating human connections, not just talking business. Find ways to feature the personal lives or personalities of employees and leadership. Have employees walk colleagues through their day with photos and captions. Feature diversity by having employees answer questions about Diwali or Black History month. Use your publication to help remote employees get to know each other.

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