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5 ways to celebrate them
Those people on the manufacturing line, the distribution centers, the call centers and other frontline positions are sometimes all but invisible in internal communications. Employees see plenty of leadership communications, photos of corporate employees, and articles about business accomplishments from record sales to new product launches. But the frontline folks, who do the real work of the company (and often make up the majority of the workforce), don’t see people like themselves featured as often as they should be.

Here are five ways to bring visibility to those men and women on your front lines:

Recognition Programs

Recognition programs do much more than acknowledge greatness in the people awarded. They also model that behavior for the rest of the employee audience and demonstrate that frontline employees are valued. Depending on the structure of the program, they can also emphasize how the frontline employees put the values to work, how their actions help maintain quality and safety, or how they support the overall success of the company.

Professional Photography

One of the most obvious but also most powerful way to bring visibility to the frontline is to have a professional photographer shoot them in action. Not somebody’s brother who dabbles in photography, but an accomplished pro who can make regular people look like celebrities. Many companies don’t make this a priority, because it is more complicated than doing a corporate shoot, but it’s an investment we strongly recommend.

Regularly Recurring Newsletter Features

When we develop editorial plans for digital or printed newsletters, we generally include one recurring article on leadership, one on middle management and one on the front line. Balanced coverage helps communicate the value of all three of those functional areas. We interview frontline employees by phone or video call, or we send questions they can respond to by email. We’ll do whatever makes it easiest for them to be seen and heard.

Including Them On Global Editorial Boards

For internal publications or videos, we’ll often pull together editorial boards with employee representatives from different locations or brands. We use these boards to help us source stories and identify employees to interview. It’s very difficult for corporate communications professionals to know everything and everyone in facilities around the world, so these people serve as our eyes and ears — and to connect us with their peers.

Professional Or Remote Video Interviews

Whether you’re able to do a professional video shoot at frontline facilities or you’re recording video calls over Zoom or Teams, you can celebrate the faces and voices of frontline employees with edited videos. For instance, you might do a monthly video that asks five frontline employees from different locations the same question — about topics ranging from safety to problem-solving to teamwork to any of your company values.

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