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5 reasons to shoot video
A hybrid work model is great for employee satisfaction, work/life balance, and possibly even for productivity. But it does make it more difficult to engage employees in the culture, partly because it limits the way culture is absorbed almost by osmosis when people are working together in person.

Over the past few years while offices have stood empty, with so many employees working remotely, we’ve filled in the video gaps for several clients by shooting employee videos via Zoom. But now that employees are trickling back in, we’re once again able to shoot employee interviews with professional crews. This provides powerful content for communicating culture across the hybrid environment.

Here are five reasons to shoot employee videos in the office now:

It creates office FOMO

When employees see videos of their colleagues walking through the hallways, chatting in the breakrooms, and being interviewed about the culture or their jobs, it reminds them that people are in the office again. One of the things employees seem to miss while working remotely is the camaraderie of those day-to-day work relationships.

It keeps the employer brand top of mind

One of our most frequent topics in employee interviews is the employer brand. Why does that employee choose to work here, instead of anywhere else? What attracted them to the company originally, and why do they continue to stay? What sort of people do they think thrive here? When they have a great day at work, what happened during the day?

It creates visibility across silos

Seeing the faces and hearing the voices of colleagues in other geographies, brands or job functions helps create human connections with people across silos. Those human connections can help promote collaboration, shared pride in company accomplishments, and a sense of being part of something larger than one’s immediate work team.

It makes celebrities of regular employees

Showing employees across a range of job roles or seniority levels on video conveys a sense of respect for their value. If your internal communications only feature people in top leadership positions, you’re missing a chance to reinforce the importance of individual employees’ voices and all they contribute to the success of the company.

It makes great recruitment content

Videos shot pre-COVID may feel dated, even in details such as how employees dress. Your talent and acquisition team would probably be delighted to have some new employee videos for the career site, especially video of employees discussing what they enjoy about the culture, the work, the growth opportunities and the hybrid work model itself.

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