BP: Transformation



The last several months have provided an unprecedented disruption in the ways people work at most companies across the world. Although we’ve seen plenty of negative effects, including the loss of so many human lives, there have also been positive benefits — such as the surge of productivity reported by employees now working remotely.

This pandemic, coupled with the social protests sweeping the country, gives us an opportunity to use crisis for transformation, to encourage new shifts in culture as we create the new normal for moving forward. As Winston Churchill said, never let a good crisis go to waste.

BP: Transformation


Creating a diverse workplace population only gets us so far. The next step is to look more closely at how well we’re succeeding at true inclusion in the workplace. This might be the right time to increase your company’s focus on inclusivity. How well does your culture do at making people of all ethnicity, religions, genders and sexual orientation feel supported and valued?

BP: Transformation


One of the positive benefits of having so many people quarantined at home is that global air quality has improved significantly, thanks to reduced traffic and power production. There have even been reports that the marked decrease in smog and pollutants is visible from space. Is your culture ready for a new commitment to shaping a more sustainable future?

BP: Transformation


A disruption of this magnitude provides a rare opportunity to reset. If your culture has traditionally been wary of change, this might be the right time to promote being open to the strategic changes that will help your company build for the future. But be sure to tie the change back to the overall vision or purpose of the company, rather than change for the sake of change.

BP: Transformation


For some companies, the pandemic has created market changes or supply chain issues that have demanded some dramatic rethinking of business as usual. This might be a good time to shift your culture towards a greater appreciation of innovation and creativity. Are there ways you could be celebrating and recognizing employees who’ve created new solutions?

BP: Transformation


Although businesses like airlines, hotels and restaurants are dealing with major drops in revenue, others are experiencing high demand due to the pandemic. If your organization has developed new technology for ventilators, manufacturers hand sanitizer or is working on the vaccine, your culture can help make heroes of the employees who are making it possible to scale up quickly.


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