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5 ways to differentiate your employer brand
The power shift between employers and employees is real, but you can choose to look at it in one of two ways. You can complain about employees, particularly younger ones, being entitled, idealistic, delicate or demanding – or you can see this as an opportunity to make your company stand out in the workplace.

If your company can demonstrate that you provide employees with one or more of the advantages below, be sure to showcase it as an important element of your employer brand.

Flexibility in when they work

What’s more flexible than a hybrid work model or full-time remote work? Maybe giving employees the opportunity to customize the hours of their workday. For instance, some parents may prefer to work in two shifts, while the kids are in school and after they’re in bed. Having the flexibility to focus on their children’s after-school activities — from sports and music lessons to homework — can make all the difference in their satisfaction with work-life balance.

Wellness beyond physical health

The pandemic brought a new definition of wellness that includes mental health, financial wellness and an overall sense of well-being. Inflation is creating new pressures on family finances. Depression, anxiety and stress are at a new high and employees are looking to their employers for help with these issues. We’ve also seen increased use of alcohol during the pandemic, which may present the need for addiction programs — or just help with other ways to relax, like meditation or yoga.

A commitment to psychological safety

Many potential job candidates will want to make sure they’re joining a culture of psychological safety. For some, they just want to know that ideas are welcomed, no matter where they come from, and that the company is a place where they can be comfortable admitting a mistake. Others have more specific concerns about being able to bring their whole selves to work, without being treated unfairly because of gender preferences or ethnic background.

Diversity that’s more than a hiring goal

If your company can show successful DE&I efforts, not just in hiring but across the entire employee life cycle, that can present a real advantage for your employer brand. Know that job candidates will be checking Glassdoor and other online reviews for evidence that people of color, women, non-binary individuals and other minorities are treated fairly, promoted appropriately and represented in leadership — or not. Having diversity goals is great, but only the first step.

Real progress towards sustainability

Many job candidates are looking for more concrete results in sustainability and won’t be satisfied with sweeping statements of what your company plans to achieve five years from now. If your sustainability record reflects real numbers for ways in which the company has reduced its carbon footprint, that can be a tremendous positive for your employer brand. One of the most important audiences for your annual sustainability report is potential hires.

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