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5 reasons you need one now
We’ve seen a marked power shift between employers and employees in the current job market that has many companies questioning their approach to everything from remote work to mental health. Employees have a new perspective on what they want in a job — or even if they want one at all.

An authentic and meaningful employer brand isn’t the solution to every talent challenge, but if you don’t have an employer brand — or aren’t communicating it well — you may be at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with other companies in the job market.

Here are five reasons now’s the time to put that employer brand to work:

Finding the right job candidates is harder than ever

Most companies we work with are challenged to find enough qualified candidates for the many job openings they’re trying to fill. But
there are job candidates out there who would appreciate what your company has to offer. What are the reasons employees love working at your company? An employer brand can articulate that and attract candidates who are good fits for your culture.

It enlarges the conversation beyond compensation

If your salary ranges aren’t the highest in your industry, take heart that compensation is not the only consideration for most job candidates.
It might not even be the top consideration, particularly for those in younger generations. An employer brand can showcase the many reasons your company is a fantastic place to work — and can attract candidates who would love to work there too.

Employees don’t need to be job hunting for recruiters to find them

Even employees who are happy with your company and thriving in their current roles are not immune to the opportunities available
in this job market. They don’t have to be looking for a new job for recruiters to seek them out and contact them about a job at another company. Use an employer brand to help remind them of all the reasons they like their current job.

It can help engage remote employees in your culture

With hybrid and remote workers, it’s even more important to articulate what’s special about working at your company. Since you can’t count on face-to-face interactions to help spread the culture by osmosis, you need a more disciplined approach to internal communications that bring the culture to life. A vibrant employer brand is the foundation for those communications.

It helps reinforce the acceptance decision for new hires

Your employer brand can provide the centerpiece of your recruiting efforts, but it’s also a meaningful element of onboarding. From day one, communicating the employer brand can help provide continuity in the employee life cycle. Don’t let there be a disconnect between what they were promised in the hiring process and what they find in the first weeks and months of the job.

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