We believe employees are a company’s most important audience. Because they’re the ones delivering on the brand promise – or not.


The employer brand can be a powerful recruiting tool to attract not just more candidates, but the right candidates — the ones who want what your culture offers. It also helps remind current employees why they chose to work here instead of anywhere else.


Our goal in communicating change is to frame the change in terms of how it supports the company vision. Whether it’s an acquisition, a reorganization, an IT launch or some other transformation, employees need to understand the business reasons behind the change and the benefits of the end result — for the company, but also for them as individuals.


At Tribe, our highest goal is to align employees with leadership’s vision. We work to articulate that vision in a way that’s meaningful to employees and to help them understand how their individual roles support the success of that vision.


From recruiting to recognition, performance management to training, wellness to open enrollment, we take a human approach. We help employees make sense of the legalese and HR jargon by communicating in a conversational voice.


We believe your intranet should be the Main Street of your company, a place where employees can bump into each other while getting business done. With remote work, a strong intranet that employees visit frequently becomes an even more important venue for building human connections throughout the organization, providing visibility across business units, brands or geography, and promoting collaboration.


We bring an outsider’s view to communications inside your company. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with over 100 companies, most with global footprints, a few with more than a million employees. That experience helps us recognize issues you may not have noticed, as well as recommend best practices and strategies to solve those issues.