Harnessing the Power of Digital Magazines for Internal Communications

by | Feb 23, 2017

Digital magazines are one of Tribe’s favorite channels. We often recommend them for our clients, either instead of or to complement printed magazines. While print has its obvious advantage of not requiring a screen, a digital publication allows for a rich and curated user experience that can be accessed from just about anywhere at any time, assuming your battery is charged.

We also practice what we preach. We’ve recently reviewed several options for refreshing the way we provide digital versions of our internal communications magazine, the Tribe Report, on the Tribe website. After considering Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, FlippingBook, and ZMags (just to name a few), we decided on Joomag.

Joomag is an extremely cost efficient program compared to other software. Most competitors come with costly licensing fees. It’s also very user friendly with a non-technical editing interface. All you need is a pdf of your publication. You don’t need any design background or past experience to use the software. Although, it can help and they do offer magazine templates and an online editor which give you the option of creating a magazine entirely with Joomag.

There are many other benefits, like robust analytic reporting. You can also take advantage of charging subscription prices, adding music and galleries, white labeling, and more. Our favorite perk is the ability to embed videos anywhere in the magazine that autoplay when the page is turned. Joomag publications can also be embedded on a website, allowing readers to browse its content without having to change webpages.

To view the published Joomag of the most recent Tribe report, follow this link.

Interested in publishing your own digital internal magazine? Tribe can help.



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