Communicating the company vision and 4 ways to make it stick

by | Jun 14, 2018

Company progress and growth really starts to happen when you can align your employees with your vision. Helping employees feel connected to the direction of your company gives them a better understanding of their role in the structure of the organization and confidence to do their job well.

Your vision is every employee’s common goal. And when everyone is engaged and moving in the same direction, the company works better and smarter. But it’s up to you to communicate the vision to employees, and keep the communication going as the company evolves.

Here are four ways that Tribe recommends sharing your vision with your company:

  1. A vision book. Vision books can come in many shapes and sizes, as long as they have the end goal of clearly articulating the vision and recounting some of the values as support. We recommend vision books at the launch of a major transformation or immediately after a major milestone, such as a new acquisition or CEO.
  2. Leadership communications. Before employees will carry out the vision, you need your leadership to inspire them. Interlacing the vision within leadership communications such as town halls, newsletter articles and blogs will increase employees’ confidence in the company and trust in its management.
  3. Manager communications. While leadership communications are important to set the bar, employees will look to direct managers to understand how the vision will impact their jobs and day-to-day work. Manager tool kits and talking points can help start that conversation.
  4. A culture magazine. This can help reinforce the vision throughout the year, and stay relevant in what’s currently happening in the business. Shining the spotlight on employees or initiatives that help live out the company’s vision can model that behavior for coworkers in similar positions.

Need help communicating your company’s vision? Tribe can help.

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