by | Nov 1, 2018

Wellness can play a powerful role in employee engagement. Corporate wellness programs not only improve employees’ health and productivity, but can also help break down silos and build stronger connections between employees.

Building and launching your wellness program is just the starting line. For an effective program that can improve employee engagement, sustaining communications are key to continued participation and long-term success. Here are four tips for communicating your wellness program.

1. Lead with the reward. What’s in it for employees? Whether they have the opportunity to earn point for prizes, cash towards healthcare premiums or bragging rights in a little friendly competition, highlight the reward to peak engagement early and often. Once you’ve got their attention it will be easier to keep them engaged and participating in the program.

2. Be authentic in your messaging. Employees understand and appreciate that we want them to be healthy – but that’s not the sole driver of corporate wellness programs. From fewer sick days to lower healthcare costs, a healthy workforce is beneficial to an organization from many angles. Sharing that message showcases authenticity and transparency.

3. Make sure you reach every audience. This one can be particularly challenging with non-desk employees or remote workforce. When possible, Tribe recommends including a home-mailer to grab the attention of those employees who may not have access to your traditional communications channels. Either way, take a good look at the realities of each audience segment’s work environment and cater to their communications needs as much as possible.

4. Send them to the source. Keep communications simple and succinct by driving employees to the source of more information. That source could be your intranet, printed wellness guide or wellness platform to sign up. Having a home-base for where they can go to learn more will keep messaging organized and not overwhelming.

Interested in communicating your wellness program to employees? Tribe can help.

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