by | Dec 4, 2018

This Thursday I’ll be speaking to the PRSA of Georgia about Tribe’s 2019 predictions for internal communications. Hopefully I’ll remember to start the talk with a disclaimer about not being able to see the future any better than anyone in the audience.

But Tribe does have an interesting sight line into the internal communications of a lot of different companies all over the country in a wide range of industries. For the past decade we have focused our practice solely on the employee audience. We typically work with 20 or 30 brands a year, most of them global and headquartered in North America. But beyond that, they are in wildly different industries. Apparel to auto parts, cardboard boxes to cloud computing, companies that make video games and those that make sheets of steel.

Seeing behind the curtain in so many different companies allows us to notice trends and patterns. Although their businesses may not have a lot in common, they often face similar challenges. Solutions that work for one company can often be applied to others. The larger trends affecting society at large also impact our internal audiences and the workplace itself.

Some of the recent trends in internal communications that we’re seeing across industries and companies are:

• Generational shift towards Millennial and Gen Z employees

• Social media outside work impacting how we communicate at work

• Global workforce and the challenges of connecting across geography

• Diversity of the employee audience and a desire for more inclusivity

• Remote employees and the challenge of keeping them engaged

• Omnipresent mobile technology

• Email ambivalence

For the 2019 predictions for internal communications, you’ll have to register for the PRSA Seminar at Maggiano’s Buckhead. Not because I’m being coy, but because we’re still working on them.

Also, false advertising alert.The PRSA site promises that Steve Baskin will be there as well. Originally, we had planned  to give the talk together, but now he needs to be at a client thing in Philadelphia that day, so I’ll do my best to talk twice as much as usual.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: For a look at what we predicted would be in and out for 2017, see this issue of Tribe Topics.

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