Digital Display Screens for Employee Communications

by | Dec 6, 2018

Digital display screens are used everywhere. So why not bring this technology that into the workplace for employee communications? You can’t drive down a highway, visit a restaurant chain, or travel without seeing some sort of digital signage. Displays using modern LED or LCD screens have become a ubiquitous part of our lives to present information as efficiently as possible.

Employees are more likely to pay attention to straight-to-the-point visual content displayed in work areas. Communicating with your workforce is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder every day as workers are flooded with calls, meetings, and emails, drowning out important messaging you are trying to convey.

Digital signs complement text-heavy communications that can get lost in the shuffle. The strategic placement of digital display screens throughout the busiest parts of the workplace, such as the kitchen, the lobby, or the general office area, can help to ensure that any important communications are absorbed and retained by members of your staff.

Using digital display screens for internal communications such as employee recognition, strengthening core values, and keeping up with company events creates a uniform strategy that can be used in multiple offices. Signage can be deployed remotely and simultaneously for your global workforce putting everyone on the same page. Different content can be divided and spread out depending on the needs of each office as well.

Digital display screens introduce visually pleasing designs with vital information that will boost employee engagement and productivity. Mixing in topical “infotainment” like upcoming calendar events and trivia into display content attracts your audience’s notice so when this attention is needed for critical HR communications you know people are seeing it. If your company is going through a particularly rough patch, a corporate message displayed on digital screens can help to soothe anxieties, boost morale, and put unsubstantiated rumors to rest. Similarly, if your company is experiencing an upturn, digital signage can be used to praise the efforts of the workforce, to recognize contributions made by individuals, and internal promotions. Digital signage is an easy way to make sure your employees feel involved in the workings of the company at large.

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