by | May 28, 2020

The need for a strong employer brand didn’t disappear with Covid-19. Even with unemployment at record highs, companies everywhere will still be competing for top talent — particularly in hard-to fill-job functions like engineering, programming and nursing.

What’s in it for them?

Why would in-demand job candidates choose your company? And why do your current employees stay? The answer is your employer brand, which reflects your unique culture, your company purpose and vision and, most importantly, the opportunities and rewards that are most meaningful to your employees. In short, it expresses the essence of what’s in it for employees to work for your company. (For more on how to build yours, try this one-pager.)

Standing out in the job market

When you’re competing for candidates in job categories where there are still plenty of opportunities, despite high unemployment levels, you need your company to stand out as a desirable employer. The employer brand helps articulate the reasons why your company might be the right choice

Recruiting those who are good fits

You don’t necessarily want more candidates — you want the right candidates. An authentic employer brand will help you recruit the employees who are a better fit for your company. The goal isn’t to appeal to every single job candidate out there, it’s to bring in the ones who will thrive in your culture

Attracting people who aren’t looking

An employer brand can also help get the attention of potential candidates who are currently satisfied where they are. If your company offers unique opportunities for engineers to innovate, groundbreaking work for software developers or a hospital culture where nurses spend more time with patients than paperwork, your employer brand can spark the interest of those who aren’t even looking for a new job.

Reminding employees why they’re here

Although employer brands are often developed as a recruiting tool, they’re also a powerful tool for retention. Employees who’ve been at your company for a while may lose sight of what makes this environment right for them. Whether they’re long-time employees or recent hires, your employer brand helps reinforce the decision they made when they decided that your company is where they want to be. (For more on reinforcing that decision, you might like this article on building the employer brand by making heroes of employees.)

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