by | Jun 18, 2020

Covid-19 and technology have transformed the way employees work. Enhancing the employee experience is the best way to increase productivity and boost engagement, especially when most of the workforce are still working from home. The latest tools feature automation, targeted workflows, and increased channels for communication. In addition, generational demographics of the labor force are shifting. Baby boomers are leaving the workforce, while millennials now make up the majority. Millennials have different expectations from their employers.

Millennials want organizations to adopt technology as quickly as possible and expect companies to value their voice. With all these changes taking place, internal communications need to become more strategic. 

What can you do to succeed?

Internal communications can increase employee engagement by transforming the way the workforce gets work done. Here are 4 strategies you can implement to succeed: 

Transform from tactical to strategic. Don’t way to be proactive. Tactical tasks, while necessary for a company to function, take time away from creating a positive employee experience. As a result, companies should consider investing in technology that expedites that work (intranets and HR platforms). This will free up time to focus on strategic initiatives that impact and align with broader corporate goals.  

Personalize and target communication. Many different business units, job functions, and branches compose your workforce. Some workers may sit at a desk in the office or at home. Others may be frontline workers who don’t go into the office every day. Subsequently, not every worker has the same experience at the same company.

Moreover, employees need to be thought of as distinct segments in order for messaging to provide value to each group. To engage every worker, you need to personalize and target your communications. Different job functions and regions will have unique characteristics that provide ample opportunity for engagement. 

Measure and analyze your performance. It is also important to measure the success of the targeted communication. Where might it be underperforming? Overperforming? For instance, measure your impact through pulse surveys to capture how the employee experience is affected.

Implement a digital communications platform. Above all, it is important to remember that internal communications will always be about the people. Taking steps to accommodate different preferences and increase value through digital platforms can make a major impact on keeping your talent competitive and helping attract top talent. 

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