by | Aug 19, 2021

Nothing creates a more personal connection than photography, but achieving professional, attention-grabbing photos of employees in their work environment has been a challenge over the course of the Covid pandemic. How can you play catchup and update your library of employee photography? Here are three ideas to make it happen:

Spread it out in the hybrid office

Have evens and odds showing up on different days? Shooting on multiple days to capture everyone can be necessary in order to make sure different employee are represented.

You can hack hybrid by combining photography across weeks or multiple offices by coordinating with a photographer (or photographers) to capture candid shots of employees in office, home, and exterior settings.

Company events are ripe for the shooting

Got an in person all-hands meeting? Back-to-office kickoff event? Management meeting? This can be an opportunity to bring in a photographer for candid employee shots, and updated leadership headshots. A good photographer will be familiar with appropriate Covid protocols to keep your employees safe. 

Get creative from home

In the wake of the pandemic, many photographers have gotten even more creative than their usual day job routine.  Notably, the burgeoning drive-by portraiture industry in which photographers have been hired to drive up to the front porch, and create family portraits from afar. 

You can apply this approach to home office employee photography as well. On the laptop, AND in the backyard?  What a great combination! Seeing leadership working at home with their dogs underfoot is also a great way to help humanize them.

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