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Better Managers

5 ways to help them retain talent

One critical factor in retention of your top talent is reducing the number of managers who make employees want to quit. To create a culture of managers who build teams of employees who love their jobs, you can start by focusing on a better employee experience for your managers.

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Engage managers in the vision and values

Managers who see themselves as part of a vibrant culture with a meaningful vision and well-used values are more apt to make these things part of the day-to-day conversations with their teams. This can begin an exponential expansion of engagement into the front lines of your organization.

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Let managers know about culture first

When major change is looming, try to get your managers in the loop ahead of time. Equip them with communication tools, so employees hear consistent messaging across the organization. That also gives them a chance to absorb the news before employees start peppering them with questions.

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Including remote employees

People are often promoted to managerial-level positions because they’re good at what they do or have been doing it a long time. Help your managers learn how to be effective leaders with training and mentorship. Even for seasoned managers, hybrid or remote teams provide new challenges.

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Give managers the spotlight

It can be lonely in the middle, so help your managers feel recognized, valued and connected to their peers across the organization. For instance, you might devote one article or video a month to showcasing several managers sharing their wisdom about a particular value or challenge.

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Give managers better managers

From the newest frontline employee to the executive leadership team, everybody gets managed by somebody. Help senior leaders adapt to changing management conditions, like the need to engage and collaborate with others remotely. Better managers are important at every rung of the ladder.

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