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5 EAP benefits to promote well-being

Anxiety has been rising significantly, with one federal survey reporting a record 27% of respondents with symptoms of anxiety disorder this year. Gallup’s 2023 State of the Global Workplace report indicates that 44% of employees worldwide experienced substantial stress the previous day.

Creating a culture of well-being and supporting mental health in the workplace are great goals, but they’re also long-term initiatives that can’t be achieved overnight. In the meantime, you can help employees who may be struggling with stress and anxiety by communicating the many benefits that are already available through your Employee Assistance Program. Here are a handful employees may find helpful now:


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Mental Health Counseling

For those employees who’ve never had therapy or counseling before, the EPA offering might be an easy place to start. Many EAPs provide a range of options, so that employees can choose from phone sessions or online video sessions or get a referral to a local practitioner for face-to-face sessions.

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Financial Counseling

Most EAPs offer sessions with a financial counselor who can help employees navigate financial stressors ranging from credit card debt to student loans to retirement savings. These sessions may not instantly solve financial issues, but talking with someone who can help develop a plan of action can certainly help.

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Eldercare Assistance

Caring for an elderly relative or trying to move an aging parent out of their long-term home and into an independent or assisted living facility can be stressful emotionally as well as logistically. It may not occur to employees that their EAP can provide resources to help with these transitions.

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Parenting Support

When a kid’s having trouble, it can be difficult for parents to focus on anything else. Many EAP programs offer parenting resources for issues ranging from bullying to eating disorders to concerns about potential substance abuse. They also can help parents find daycare, aftercare and summer camps.

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Legal Aid

When employees don’t know where to turn for legal help, the EAP can be a useful first step. Legal advisors can offer some practical help as well as referrals to lawyers who might specialize in family law, estate planning, real estate, traffic violations or other legal specialties.

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