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Printed Newsletters

5 reasons they are still relevant
Most of the employee publications we develop are digital, but there are still times when we recommend our clients produce printed copies as well. When the employee audience includes a large population of frontline workers, a printed newsletter or magazine provides a robust channel of communication to all those non-wired workers in manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and other industries with employees who are moving targets.

Keeping non-wired employees in the loop

Printed publications are one of the best ways for corporate to communicate directly with the front line. Unlike the manager cascade, a printed newsletter or magazine isn’t filtered through the lens of individual managers, ensuring a consistent message across the entire organization. Providing a printed piece also conveys a sense of respect for frontline employees as an important audience.

Can be mailed to employees homes

Although printed publications can be easily distributed in the workplace, many large companies find it worth the money to mail a copy to each individual employees’ home address. Not only does this help increase the likelihood that every employee will see the publication, it also can help engage significant others and family members, investing them in the success of the company.

Making celebrities of employees

Showing photos of frontline employees doing the real work of the company is one of the most powerful ways to demonstrate value for their contributions. Articles highlighting frontline employees can provide concrete examples of the accomplishments and behaviors that support the company’s success. And unlike digital, a printed piece can become a keepsake for featured employees.

Breaking down silos

Giving frontline workers a window into other plants or locations helps break down divisions and build shared pride. By showcasing the work that’s being done across the organization and the people doing it, we’re able to create human connections that can lay the groundwork for future collaboration and shared innovation. Also, employees like seeing the faces of their coworkers.

If it’s digital, it’s invisible

Digital publications, intranets and even email are effective channels for internal communications — to reach those people sitting in front of computers. For those on the front line, a digital publication is not a tangible part of their workplace. If you can’t print the newsletters, you might consider at least printing a poster or table tent with a QR code to take them to the digital version.

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