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5 projects to squeeze in now

Make the most out of any budget you haven’t spent in 2023 with one of these projects. They’re all fairly easy to get off the ground with a little agency help, and could result in meaningful impact to your culture and to improving employee communications.

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Communications toolkit for managers

Is there a topic your managers need help communicating? If you’re tasking them with cascading information about an upcoming change, company values or business strategies for 2024, you can help them deliver a consistent message by providing talking points, FAQs, decks, conversation guides and other materials.

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Refresh or create a recognition program

Prepare now to start 2024 with a new recognition program, perhaps tied to your values or innovation or team success. Employees working remotely can begin to feel invisible to management, so an online recognition program, either manager to employee or peer to peer, can help build hybrid engagement.

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Reduce all-company email with a weekly digest

Help employees have a more productive 2024 by reducing the clutter in their inboxes. One weekly email can include graphic blocks for numerous emails, with a subject line and short summary for each. A quick glance gives employees an overview, and they can click for the full text on emails relevant to them.

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Find a new way to mark service anniversaries

Perhaps 2024 is the year you try something new to acknowledge work anniversaries, like personal notes from the CEO, a monetary reward, a paid day off or points to spend at a curated online shopping site. Or maybe you source some enviable branded swag to mark big milestone anniversaries.

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Create a holiday video featuring leadership

One surefire way to humanize your top executive leadership is to have them sing a holiday song on camera. Encourage them to use props, from Santa hats to Hanukkah decorations to reindeer antlers. Cut from one person to the next and close the video with sincere good wishes and gratitude from the CEO.

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