The Power of Mentorship for Gen Z

by | Sep 14, 2023

Mentorship in the workforce has increasingly become a priority for companies because organizations recognize the value of employee development and see the power of mentorship for Gen Z professionals.

Young workers have not only had to navigate a pandemic affecting their connection with employers but also have had to battle a hectic job market, so creating a welcoming and empowering environment through mentorship is important. Here are three points that emphasize the power of mentorship for Gen Z employees:


Connection from the bottom up

Think of a mentorship program like a family tree. When a young new hire is paired with an experienced employee in the company, they are immediately added to a long line of connected employees that flow up to the highest levels of leadership. This provides a path of growth that is attainable and relatable to the employee because they now feel a connection to many different leaders in their department. Set your employees up for success with mentorship programs that facilitate connections between early-career candidates and more seasoned professionals who can guide them through their careers (read more, here).

Breaks the barrier of remote isolation

The recent shift to remote and hybrid work increases the importance of mentorship, especially for many Gen Z employees who had their first day of work from a desk in their bedroom. Younger employees learn from older ones by watching how they handle a wide range of situations, and out of office work means that these employees are missing that hands-on experience. It’s important to create a mentorship program that breaks the wall of virtual work so Gen Z employees will feel seen, prioritized, and valued, even through a computer screen. To read more about Gen Z remote employees, click here.

Provides a leader and a friend

As stated before, most Gen Z employee have already experienced what feels like a battlefield to land their role in the company, and what they could really use is a friend. Mentorship programs help provide a resource and advisor that not only coaches them professionally but is relatable and approachable. This “work buddy” can ease them into the workload and motivate Gen Z employee to always feel secure in their work environment.


The power of mentorship for Gen Z employees is crucial to the professional growth of young employees because it builds confidence, gives them a stronger sense of purpose, and helps them feel more invested in their job at the company.


Interested in learning more about the power of mentorship in your company? Tribe can help.

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