by | Jan 17, 2024

Every year, Gallup conducts a large, and rather thorough, survey gauging workplace trends. According to their report analysis, leaders and culture managers should spend 2024 focusing on increasing employee engagement.

According to Gallup’s analysis, employee stress is increasing and engagement, especially with mid-level management, is decreasing. Here are some actionable steps you can take to increase your employee’s engagement.

1. Look for more ways to communicate leadership’s vision for success

Help employees understand the company’s overarching goals, and how their individual roles support the success of those goals. For instance, if you’re already providing a monthly article about business strategies supporting that vision, you might consider adding a leadership podcast to give a deeper dive into how strategies can bring that vision to life.

2. Communicate regularly with employees about wins and challenges

Engage employees by keeping them in the loop on the company’s success. Leaders and culture managers should make a concerted effort to communicate regularly with employees about both successes and challenges taking place around the organization.

It’s also important to be transparent with employees when an obstacle may impede normal business. Use your existing communication avenues to provide employees with relevant information whether it’s positive or negative. For more information regarding the importance of transparent communications check out this Best Practice post.

3. Reinforce mission and purpose in your monthly newsletter

Gallup’s analysis found that employees are feeling less connected with their organization’s mission and purpose. Supplement this by building your newsletter around values-based conversations.

While your communication may focus on a variety of different topics across your organization, it’s important to tie your communications back to your organization’s mission or purpose. Consider implementing a values-based theme in each issue of your newsletter and tie each article into that theme.

4. Make employees more visible in your internal communications

In your newsletters or intranet content, consider offering culture-building articles which showcase employees for their professional achievements share a glimpse of the work they’re doing. You could also include articles which follow a day in the life of a specific employee in your organization. And, look for ways to allow employees to recognize colleagues for their good work.

5. Use managers’ toolkits to start conversations related to internal media

Gallup’s analysis focuses very heavily on remote workers due to the rising popularity of remote work for Gen Z employees. Gallup found that remote employees often negatively impact workplace culture and decrease collaboration and communication.

One way to fix this is through engagement tools like managers’ toolkits. Toolkits are opportunities for employees and managers to directly engage with your monthly communications. Toolkits should include relevant discussion questions based on the articles in your monthly newsletters.

These toolkits will initiate conversations that engage remote employees in the company’s ongoing dialogue, fostering a sense of inclusion and connectivity irrespective of physical distance. For more on managers’ toolkits check out this Best Practice post on Tribe’s website.


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