by | Mar 10, 2022

If you spend a lot of time in video meetings, set up your environment to look better on Zoom or Teams. At Tribe, we’ve been shooting a lot videos with remote employees over the past few years. The tips we’ve developed for helping employees look great on webcam videos can help you look great in meetings too. 

Here are some of those tips:


Natural light highlights skin tones and softens facial features. If possible, choose a location with a window to your side for indirect natural light. Try to avoid sitting directly in front of a window with direct sunlight, the harsh light can create unflattering shadows under your eyes and nose.

If you have an overhead light, either turn it off or avoid sitting directly underneath it, because it will also create unflattering shadows. Using lamps around the room is a good trick to create ambient light. Here’s a post on the best lamps to use to look better on Zoom. If you wear glasses, place a lamp higher than your camera to avoid glare.


Your background environment is an opportunity to build your personal brand and help people feel connected to you. Spend some time creating a more interesting environment than a blank wall. Instead set the scene with bookshelves, art pieces, plants or interesting architectural details. (Just check to make sure it doesn’t look like a plant or lamp is growing out of your head, or a door frame is cutting you in two.) We don’t recommend digital backgrounds or the blur effect for remote videos, but they also can be distracting or off putting in a meeting.

Face position

Once you’re in an area with good lighting and well-composed background, position yourself in the middle of the screen, leaving clear space around your face. To look better on Zoom, place your camera at eye level and keep it about an arm’s length away. If you position your camera below or above your eye level, it can distort you face proportions or give you a double chin. You can use books or boxes to elevate your laptop for a more flattering angle. Or get a laptop stand like these ones. Remember to avoid getting too close or too far from the camera.

I’d be happy to send you the one-page tip sheet we prepared for our clients. Just email me at [email protected]. And if you’re interested in creating employee videos that are shot remotely, Tribe can help with that too. 

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