by | May 5, 2022

Infographics are a great way to make your internal communiations more engaging — especially for those employees who are visual learners. They can communicate processes, timelines, research and results, while adding visual interest and variety to  emails, newsletters, and intranets. But there’s an art to presenting data or a concept in an infographic format. Here are three tips to keep in mind when designing infographics:

Focus on one simple concept

Infographics are meant to look interesting, but the end goal is always to communicate information. If you go too far with too many colors and shapes, use too much text, or make the information flow too complex, people won’t want to take time to decipher the puzzle. Instead, try to narrow the information to one key concept and create a visual system that’s easy to understand.

Think about where it will be seen

The communication channel of the infographic can determine a lot of design decisions. If it’s meant to be a poster, for example, make sure you select a font size that’s readable from a reasonable distance. Also keep in mind that looking at a poster is a quick stop, so don’t include an overwhelming amount of text. If the design is meant to be on a website, you could make some elements move and turn it into a GIF or a video. Designing an infographic can be a great way to push your creativity. 

Be creative but keep it branded

Infographics are most engaging when they use a clever visual concept — rather than just putting data into a bar chart or graph. Try adding photography, illustration, icons or other visuals. (See this design guide by Venngage for some interesting ideas.) But remember to keep your design on brand. Make sure you’re following brand guidelines and using appropriate brand colors and fonts.

Using infographics can be a refreshing addition to your internal communicationsIf you want to discuss other ways to engage employees, Tribe can help.

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