by | Jul 7, 2022

Employees are more stressed out than ever. According to Gallup’s 2022 State of the Global Workplace report, a record-breaking 44% of employees experienced stress a lot of the previous day. That’s not great for engagement, productivity or the general health of employees.

Increasingly, employees are looking to their employers to support their well-being, including mental wellness as well as physical health. Gallup also found that Gallup 61% of employees are looking for greater work-life balance and personal well-being in their next job. 

Employers aren’t able to solve some of the sources of that stress, like the on-going pandemic and increasing inflation. If work-life balance is a widespread issue at your company, it might be a good time to take a look at the culture to determine the role it plays in employee stress and how a cultural shift might be achieved. (Here are five tips for addressing burnout.) But if you’re just looking for some feel-good add ons to your benefits program, here are a few that might not only reduce stress but also add some joy to employees’ lives.

Who doesn’t need a massage?

Soothe, a Las Vegas-based company that offers services in over 70 cities in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, can provide in-office massage breaks for employees, or at home to relieve the stress of those working remotely. Hosting a day of 15-minute massages in the office might be reason enough for many employees to show up on site, with the added plus of some camaraderie with colleagues. Or use longer massages for rewards and recognition, or as the prize for a summer employee step challenge or fitness competition.

Bike, run, meditate

Peloton, the popular bike and treadmill company with online classes, now offers corporate wellness solutions as well. In addition to those intense spin classes, they’re also always adding new classes to their collection for yoga, stretching and meditation. Adding a few Peloton bikes or treads to the office fitness centers would make some employees jump for joy, but there are also plenty of ways for employees to participate in the program with just the Peloton app on their phones.

The comprehensive classic

VirginPulse remains one of the leading well-being platforms for employers — and there’s not much it doesn’t do. Employees can take advantage of challenges and other ways to earn points. They can reduce stress by counting their steps, building their healthy habits, or working on their mindfulness with VP’s Whil program. The platform offers options for mental health screenings, substance use support and help building emotional resilience. Plus it can help build community and connections across your workforce.

Go big or start small — but do something

Whether you’re able to address large-scale changes and robust well-being benefits, or it your resources are limited to a few smaller efforts, now’s a good time to let employees know the company is aware that they’re stressed and wants to help. You may already have benefits in place, through your EAP or an employee wellness program, that employees might not know about. If nothing else, begin communicating those benefits and raise awareness with employees. Many people who never needed this sort of help before might be ready for it now.

Interested in raising awareness of the well-being offerings your company already provides? Tribe can help.

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