by | Nov 4, 2022

As 2022 quickly comes to an end, it’s time to think about your 2023 strategy and this starts with looking at internal communication trends. Communications in the workplace has vastly changed over the past few years and working with many companies during this time, we understand the importance of researching trends to implement in planning for the next year.

Here are three internal communications trends to look at for 2023:


It’s no secret that employees’ physical and mental wellbeing have been put to the test in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. There’s been more awareness of employee wellness in 2022, but there’s an expectation to build on this awareness in 2023. Take a more holistic view of wellness and explore any and every resource your company can offer employees. (Click here to read more on Well-Rounded Wellness)


Overly formal leadership is out, and authentic leadership is in! Employees have found it increasingly important to work in an open and honest environment and when leaders are more personable employees feel more comfortable communicating. Authentic leaders don’t just discover and develop their followers’ strengths – they use their own strengths to be relatable and genuine to their employees.


Employees, especially the new generation of workers, aren’t just looking at their jobs for income; they also want to contribute to your company’s common higher goals. A formulated mission and vision that is clearly communicated to employees will give direction and open tangible opportunities for career growth.

How your company communicates with employees is constantly changing so it’s important to stay informed on the latest internal communication trends for 2023.

Interested in improving your internal communications for 2023? Tribe can help.

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